Customer Stories


Thanks to the folks quoted for their nice emails . Feel free to add yours if you like. jgen@james-gentry.com

Dear Jim,
In looking over the February specials, I would like to get the "maple vessel." It looks wonderful. Just send it along.
K.S. Milwaukee

Tables are fantastic!
G.M. Ann Arbor

I love your work and if you are willing, I would like to take you up on your offer. The tables would look beautiful in my newly redecorated
family room!
P.C. Ann Arbor

Howdy Jim
We always look forward to your updates and current pictures. I really like how easy it is to get around in your web site and how quick things came up as I browsed. Your work is really great and your remarks from the Edgewood Gallery are inspirational.
T.R. Pullman WA

We currently own one of your wonderful benches and would like to be put on your e-mail list. Thanks!
R. & C. A. Highland Park, IL

Thanks, it's been a pleasure doing business with you. We'll look for you at Port Clinton next summer.
M.H. Libertyville, IL

I am a beginner in the wonderful world of wood craftmanship. I've been browsing the 'Net and your items are by far the most imaginative and delightful of any any I've seen. Just wanted to congratulate you.
GP.R. Vancouver, B.C.

Hi from DC. We love our table that you made us, and I love your website; Please include us in your specials when you have them. This is great.
L.M. Washington, D.C.

Dear Jim,
The table arrived safely last week and the other items were in fine shape previously. Yesterday we hung the purpleheart ladle in the kitchen. You must have lots of fun packing things. Have a great Christmas--your wood things are part of ours.
K.&B. S. Milwaukee

Hello Jim,
Sounds real good all the way around. Thanks very much for doing the work. I'm sure we'll be very happy with it. Anyway, it's nice to have made a friend, and better yet to have something special made by that friend. We hope your holidays are simply great and filled with special moments.
Our best wishes,
D. & J. B. Chicago, IL

Hi Jim,
Thanks very much for doing the 2nd bowl so quickly.
W. & C. G. Oak Park, IL

Hi James,
My husband and I bought your "Corner Chair" this past weekend at the Clayton Art Fair. We forgot to ask you if there are any do's or don'ts in taking care of this piece. It is truly a beautiful work of art and is displayed right in our foyer so everyone can enjoy it. Thanks,
A.F. St. Louis, MO

Hi Jim,
It was really nice seeing you again. I just took a look at your website and boy, you have some really beautiful stuff! Your website was easy to navigate and the pictures were really good and sharp.
H.C. Stockholm. Sweden

Please include us on you monthly specials list. We really enjoy the table that you made for us. Thanks again.
B. & M. S. Maple Heights, OH

Dear Jim,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the table looks right at home with the other pieces. C. and I have never regretted adding to our collection(and this one is no different)! The web site looks great! Take care.
W.G. Chicago, IL

Hi Jim!
D. and W. here...We think you did a great job on your web site! It's easy to use and loads quickly. Most of all we like that we can shop. We would like the Branch Table for $850 with the wenge base on page 3 of current work. Let me know.
W.B. Siren, WI

I'm extremely glad to get your email. I somehow misplaced the card that had your Web address on it. So now I'm back in action. BTW, everyone really loves the boxes I purchased from you.
R.P. St. Louis, MO

Dear James
Thank you for your mail which I received today. I purchased a racetrack table at the Baltimore show earlier this year. I kept it at my home for several months until my husband's new endodontic office, which we were renovating, was ready. I received many compliments and my friends and family could not belive that I would part with it when it had to leave. But I did, and it is now the focal point of my husband's waiting room. It looks magnificent there and once again, we get many, many compliments from the multitude of patients who see it there. We are having a problem with our scanner but hopefully I will be able to send you a picture of how good it looks in its new "home". I really enjoyed your website and I have my eye on a couple of pieces there. We are planning a renovation or an addition to our home and I would love to have some of your work there. Happy Holidays

J.R.Baltimore MD