James Gentry Designer of Contemporary  wood furniture

The Basics:

I design and make contemporary wood furniture. My specialty is occasional furniture, that is, coffee tables, benches, foyer tables and mirrors, display cabinets, and one of a kind chairs. My clients typically want furniture that combines the personality and inspiration of an art piece with the carefully worked materials and function of a craft piece. In my work craft supports art and art inspires craft. My motivation is simple: I like what I do. I like wood as a material. I like shop processes and working with my hands. I like the look of the things I make. I hope all of this shows in my work.


I began in Law(J.D. Univ. of Wis. 1975), but found that woodworking was my true calling. I've pursued my living happily in the shop since 1976. In that time I've made over 1500 pieces of furniture, shown in top regional and national shows, sold work nationally and internationally, and raised a family. I strive to make objects with integrity and animation in the hope that they become interesting characters in people's homes and lives.


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